Luminopia Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

Pediatric Ophthalmologists & Strabismus Associates is excited to now offer patients an alternative treatment for lazy eye in children other than patching and atropine drops.  Luminopia ® is the first binocular prescription therapy available to treat amblyopia.  Luminopia ® is an FDA-approved* prescription digital technology that delivers modified content through a virtual reality headset. Patients watch TV using a VR headset delivered to their homes as part of the prescription. The television shows pre-loaded onto the headset use software that modifies the images in real-time, and present them differently to each eye to rebalance the input to the brain.

Are you tired or frustrated from fighting with your child to wear their eye patch or take atropine drops? Call our ophthalmology office in Philadelphia, PA to make an appointment to learn more about how Luminopia may be an option to help your child. Call us today at (610) 347-7672.