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Ophthalmology Services in Newtown Square

Eye Exams

Your child is unique and so is our approach to their eye care. We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable, fun environment to minimize your child’s anxiety.

Myopia Management

Myopia management is a treatment program prescribed by eye doctors, to completely stop, or at least slow down myopia progression.

Contacts & Optical Care

We are proud to partner with William J. Curran & Sons Opticians.

Adult Strabismus

Slowing the progression of nearsightedness starts at POSA

Services We Offer


  • Strabismus surgery (pediatric) 
  • Strabismus surgery (adult) 
  • Eye muscle surgery 
  • Probe and irrigation of lacrimal duct 
  • Balloon dacryoplasty 
  • Lacrimal duct intubation 
  • Chalazion excision 
  • Frontalis suspension

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