Myopia Management in Newtown Square

Myopia is one of the most common ophthalmological diseases in the world. The prevalence has almost doubled worldwide within the past two decades and the age of onset is decreasing. Getting help can help slow the progression of myopia.

At Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus Associates, we specialize in providing comprehensive treatment for patients suffering from myopia in Newtown Square, Glens Mills, West Chester, Wayne, Bryn Mawr, Havertown, and Broomall, PA. Once prescribed by our board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Cynthia Alley, myopia management is a treatment plan to slow down myopia progression. Dr. Alley will provide a thorough diagnosis for your myopia symptoms and determine if myopia management is right for you. For more information, call our office at (610) 347-7672 and schedule an appointment today!

What is Myopia?

Myopia is the proper name for nearsightedness. This means you are unable to see things clearly unless they are relatively close to you.

Myopia usually develops as a child grows when the eye is longer than average from front to back. This causes the light that enters the eye to focus in front of the retina (myopic), rather than on the surface of the eye.

How Do I Know if I or My Child is Nearsighted?

One may suspect myopia if you or your child:

  • has to squint when looking far away
  • has difficulty recognizing faces from a distance
  • holds a book close to the eyes to read
  • moves closer to the TV or to the front of the classroom to see better
  • complains about things being blurry or unclear

The best way to know if you or your child is nearsighted is to attend regular checkups with your doctor and to see an optometrist if you suspect any issues. Some children will complain about their vision but others may not know any different.

Why Do I Need to Manage my Myopia?

If you have myopia, especially if you are young, you may be at increased risk of other conditions that threaten your sight later on in life. For this reason and others, it is important to manage your myopia.

With nearsightedness, there is a period of rapid progression early on until your prescription stabilizes. That will occur sometime during your teens or twenties. The younger a patient acquires myopia, the faster the progression is. If caught early on, it is helpful to get a management plan in place to avoid future issues.

Early treatment can help you avoid:

  • retinal detachment
  • macular hemorrhage and scarring
  • glaucoma
  • myopic strabismus fixus

What Can I Do to Manage my Myopia?

If you or a child suffers from nearsightedness, there are ways to help. These are easy to implement and can be done on a regular basis.

Ideas to manage myopia include:

  • Spend more time outdoors. According to researchers, exposure to the sun’s UV rays may change the molecular structure of eye and may decrease the lifetime risk of nearsightedness
  • Limit time on tablets, computers or digital devices
  • Try to avoid eye strain during near tasks when possible
  • Give yourself a break every 20 minutes to rest your eyes
  • Hold objects at least at arm’s length
  • Use proper lighting
  • Eat a healthy diet and control chronic health conditions

When should I see POSA-PA about Myopia Management

If you have myopia, you should be seeing your eye doctor regularly. He or she can help you monitor, manage, and maintain your vision.

Luckily, there are some interventions for myopia that are proven effective.

These options include:

  • Atropine medicated eye drops – commonly used for children between the ages of 8 and 15 to dilate the pupil of the eye and reduce the progression of myopia. Atropine eye drops is not used to correct myopia.
  • Orthokeratology (Ortho-k) – your child wears rigid contact lenses while sleeping. These contact lenses flatten the curvature of the eye to help stop or slow down the progression of myopia.
  • Bifocial and multifocal eyeglasses – wearing a different prescription for distance and near can be helpful for young children with myopia
  • Contact lenses- often preferred by older children and adults with myopia.
  • Various spectacle lenses

All of these treatment options are proven successful to help with myopia.

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If you suffer from nearsightedness there are ways to slow its progression, and we can help. We specialize in providing comprehensive treatment for patients suffering from myopia in Newtown Square, Glens Mills, West Chester, Wayne, Bryn Mawr, Havertown, and Broomall, PA. For more information, call our office in Newtown Square, PA at (610) 347-7672 to schedule an appointment today.