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Pediatric Ophthalmologists & Family Eye Care in Newtown Square

Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus Associates

Pediatric Ophthalmologists & Family Eye Care is the leading provider of ophthalmology services in Newtown Square. With over 15 years of experience, our board-certified ophthalmologist & optometrist are dedicated to providing your family with the highest standards of care that Newtown Square has to offer!

By utilizing the most modern eye care technology, we provide the latest care for patients suffering from eye conditions like strabismus (lazy/crossed eyes)myopia & more. As one of Newtown Square’s only eye clinics to offer pediatric eye care, we specialize in providing comprehensive & compassionate eye exams for the whole family. We’re dedicated to helping your family see the world as clearly as possible!

Our Eye Doctors

Dr. Alley, Ophthalmologist in Newton Square, PA

Cynthia L. Alley, MD is a board certified pediatric ophthalmologist and strabismus surgeon.

Dr. Strine, Optometrist in Newton Square, PA

Ines Casado Strine, OD is a comprehensive Optometrist who offers contact lens fittings and complete  family eye care. 

What Our Patients Are Saying
GMB Review 1/13/2023

Competent and Compassionate Staff

GMB Review 1/11/2023

Everything about this office is organized and professional

GMB Review 1/4/2023

I adore Casada and am so happy that I found her in her new office! The office staff is great and the office is beautiful!

GMB Review 12/28/2022

Dr. Alley is amazing. Thorough, great bedside manner, explains everything.

GMB Review 12/21/2022

Dr. Alley and her crew took fantastic care of me. Dr. Alley has a wonderful, warm bedside manner, answers questions clearly and explains things like a great teacher with no condescension or judgement.

GMB Review 12/12/2022

Not only do the Doctors go out of their way, but the office staff always goes above and beyond what they have to do!

GMB Review 12/06/2022

Dr. Alley is amazing. Our 8 year old daughter has Down syndrome and can be a little difficult at times. Dr. Alley is attentive, patient, and overall just really great at making appointments very easy. Added

GMB Review 12/05/2022

The office is always professional and clean. The staff is patient and friendly. Dr Alley is great even when my kid kicks and screams just getting eye drops! Fantastic practice

GMB Review 11/11/2022

Dr. Alley is the best. She is always so sweet with my son and he tells me all the time that she is

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What’s New at POSA

Child playing with toys.

Choosing Eye-Safe Toys For Your Children

Kids will always be kids. They love to play battle games, like dueling and sword playing. As much fun as kids can have with these games, it’s important to keep safety in mind. When purchasing toys or allowing your child play with certain ones, choosing eye-safe toys for your children should be non-negotiable.

Child at their first eye exam.

How To Prepare My Child For Their First Eye Exam

Most of us become anxious when doing anything for the first time. Children are no different, but a parent can easily mitigate any worries about having an eye exam. We are here to answer your question and provide some tips: how to prepare my child for their first eye exam.

Child looking closely at screen from myopia.

Myopia vs Progressive Myopia: What’s the Difference?

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is one of the most common refractive errors that affect vision. Nearsighted children see near objects very clearly, but they have trouble seeing objects in the distance. For some nearsighted children they appear blurry, while others can’t see them at all. Adding one more thing into the mix is whether it is …