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Pediatric Ophthalmologists & Family Eye Care in Newtown Square

Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus Associates

Pediatric Ophthalmologists & Family Eye Care is the leading provider of ophthalmology services in Newtown Square. With over 15 years of experience, our board-certified ophthalmologist & optometrist are dedicated to providing your family with the highest standards of care that Newtown Square has to offer!

By utilizing the most modern eye care technology, we provide the latest care for patients suffering from eye conditions like strabismus (lazy/crossed eyes)myopia & more. As one of Newtown Square’s only eye clinics to offer pediatric eye care, we specialize in providing comprehensive & compassionate eye exams for the whole family. We’re dedicated to helping your family see the world as clearly as possible!

Our Eye Doctors

Dr. Alley, Ophthalmologist in Newton Square, PA

Cynthia L. Alley, MD is a board certified pediatric ophthalmologist and strabismus surgeon.

Dr. Strine, Optometrist in Newton Square, PA

Ines Casado Strine, OD is a comprehensive Optometrist who offers contact lens fittings and complete  family eye care. 

What Our Patients Are Saying
Anonymous @ 04/25/2024 11:46

I had been dealing with extremely frustrating double vision for two years before being referred to Dr. Alley. I saw her for an appointment and she had recommended surgery. She answered all my questions and put me at ease leading up to surgery going above and beyond to respond to my concerns. After surgery

GMB 3/1/24

Had an Amazing experience with Dr.Alley with my very wiggly 2 year old daughter. She was so patient, kind and helpful. I highly recommend her!

GMB 2/23/24

Dr. Alley was fantastic. As a doctor of psychology, I know what it means for your focus to be on the patient feeling cared for. That was absolutely my experience! Excellent physician and great in making a connection!

GMB 2/22/24

From the front, back and visit with the Doctor, everything was top notch! Everyone was nice and friendly and looked like they thoroughly enjoyed their job. It honestly was a very pleasant experience, so much so that I scheduled a return visit. Location was easy to find, plenty parking spaces, office

GMB 1/02/24

Excellent in every aspect.

GMB 1/1/24

Very detailed and explained the process thoroughly & very Prompt with appointment start time.

GMB 12/13/23

Dr Alley is great. In an initial appointment, she took plenty of time to describe what’s going on, answer my bountiful questions, and help plot a course for this and other eye things I have going on. Five stars!

GMB 12/11/23

Staff was great as was Dr. Alley. Spent time checking my eye problems and how to best correct them. Really appreciate the time she spent with me. Highly recommend.

GMB 12/04/23

Everyone in the office was very pleasant. We were seen promptly, and all of our questions were answered.

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