Amblyopia Treatment in Newtown Square, PA

If you’re looking for Amblyopia treatment in Newtown Square, PA, look no further. Amblyopia, commonly referred to as lazy eye or lazy vision, is a condition that affects many children, with three out of 100 children developing it. If left untreated, it can lead to decreased vision, making early detection and treatment crucial.

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How Will I Know if My Child has Amblyopia?

Some parents or caregivers will not realize their child has amblyopia while others notice right away.

The most common way to see if your child has a lazy eye is through regular vision screenings at school or the pediatrician’s office. Your child will likely have a vision test to look for amblyopia starting at age three.

If you suspect irregular vision issues with your child, talk to your pediatric ophthalmologists. It can be difficult to detect amblyopia as not all children show symptoms.

Some children with amblyopia may:

  • Have poor depth perception,  trouble knowing how near or far something is
  • Struggle to see clearly
  • Try squinting to see better
  • Shutting one eye periodically
  • Tilting head to improve vision

Children may be more at risk for amblyopia if they have a family history of it, developmental disabilities, or were premature at birth.

What Causes Amblyopia?

It’s called lazy eye because the stronger eye works better. However, children with amblyopia are not lazy, and they can’t control the way their eyes work.

The causes of amblyopia may involve:

  • Eye muscle control problems
  • The brain avoiding double vision
  • Eyes not working as a pair or lining up, causing one to drift
  • Structural problems with the eye like cloudiness (cataract) or droopy eyelid
  • Different focus patterns

What is the Treatment for Amblyopia?

The main goal in treatment for lazy eye or amblyopia is to retrain the brain. It takes time to force your brain to send signals to use the weaker eye. The more the brain uses the weak eye, the stronger it gets.

Treatments for this include:

  • Eyeglasses
  • Surgery
  • Patching of the stronger eye
  • Eye drops
  • Luminopia– an alternative treatment for lazy eye in children other than patching and atropine drops. 

Most treatment is most effective when done prior to nine or ten years of age for the brain to respond better. You can talk to your eye pediatric ophthalmologists to see what is right for your child.

Often, glasses are enough to help with the refraction issues. Others need to wear a patch for a couple hours a day, while others may need to wear it whenever they’re awake.

The eye drops aim for the same goal as a patch but is a once-a-day drop to temporarily blur vision in one eye, forcing the brain to use the other eye. This allows the brain to focus on the eye that needs work without a patch, which some young children complain about wearing.

When Should I Seek Treatment for Amblyopia?

It is vital to seek care as soon as you notice issues with your child’s eyesight. Early intervention is key to improving outcomes and your child’s vision.

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