How You Can Prepare Your Child for Eye Surgery

Hearing the words “eye surgery” in the same sentence with your child’s name can be terrifying. All kinds of questions and fears are immediately front and center in your mind. You know you need to focus on what’s best for your child, but you need some reassurance. You need some direction on how you can prepare your child for eye surgery.

Start With Your Own Preparation

Ask Pediatric Ophthalmologists & Family Eye Care a million questions about the type of surgery, how long recovery will take, will your child be in any pain, and what to expect afterward. Once you are knowledgeable and more informed about why your child needs the surgery and how it will improve their vision, you can become calmer and able to communicate with your child.

Patient in ophthalmologist room.

Once you trust that Pediatric Ophthalmologists & Family Eye Care is the right one to correct your child’s vision issue, now you will be able to soothe your own anxiety and your child’s fears.

You need to be prepared in order to prepare your child.

Your Words and Your Demeanor Say Everything

Explaining to your child that they need surgery should be as reassuring and matter of fact as possible. They will respond to what you say and how you convey this information. 

  • Let them know the surgery will only take a short time and what to expect afterward, such as if they will go home or if they need one night in the hospital.
  • Tell them how much better they will be able to see after because their doctor knows exactly how to fix or correct their eyes.
  • Explain that you will be nearby in the waiting room and will be with them when they wake up.
  • Be sure to let them know they won’t feel anything during the surgery because a special doctor will give them medicine to help fall asleep.
  • Be honest, and ask if they have questions. Then listen and respond. If they ask something you can’t answer, the staff at Pediatric Ophthalmologists & Family Eye Care are more than willing to provide the answers to their questions.
  • If they are very young, let them choose a favorite toy or stuffed animal to bring with them.

Above all, let them see that you are calm and yet excited to see how much better they will be able to see things. Help them focus on that expectation.

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