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child playing with a toy.

Eye Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

No parent, grandparent, or family friend would knowingly give a holiday gift that would hurt a child. Yet, it happens every year. Over 225,000 toy-related eye injuries are reported every year. You may wonder why. We will consider the reasons why this occurs and present an eye-friendly holiday gift guide. Eye Safety Awareness The best

Child playing with toys.

Choosing Eye-Safe Toys For Your Children

Kids will always be kids. They love to play battle games, like dueling and sword playing. As much fun as kids can have with these games, it’s important to keep safety in mind. When purchasing toys or allowing your child play with certain ones, choosing eye-safe toys for your children should be non-negotiable.

Child at their first eye exam.

How To Prepare My Child For Their First Eye Exam

Most of us become anxious when doing anything for the first time. Children are no different, but a parent can easily mitigate any worries about having an eye exam. We are here to answer your question and provide some tips: how to prepare my child for their first eye exam.

Kids drawing in a coloring book.

Eye Safety Holiday Gift Guide

Once you have found the “impossible to find” gift for your teenage niece, the next gifts on your list are for children of siblings, and of course, your own. Making sure these gifts are safe for young children should be a prerequisite. With that in mind, here is an eye safety holiday gift guide.

Woman driving at night.

7 Tips For Driving At Night With Astigmatism

Night driving can be especially treacherous if you are having trouble with your vision. If you have cataracts, an outdated prescription for glasses, or if you have astigmatism, it is best not to venture out in the evening until these issues are corrected. If your issue is astigmatism, here are 7 tips for driving at

Family of 3 standing in a field watching fireworks

Fireworks And Eye Safety: What To Know

You would think most adults would be aware of the dangers of fireworks, but not all are. Adults and children are in danger if someone is playing with fireworks. Throughout the end of June and beginning of July we find emergency rooms full of eye injuries from fireworks. Fireworks and eye safety: what to know.