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The Eye Exam

The Eye Exam

Your child is unique and so is our approach to their eye care. We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable, fun environment to minimize your child’s anxiety. Whether your child was referred to our office for a medical condition or a failed vision screening, every new patient exam begins with a comprehensive evaluation that includes the following: 

·       Assessment of Visual Acuity

·       Evaluation of Eye Alignment and Movement

·       Binocular Vision and Sensorimotor Exams

·       Anterior Segment and External Exam

·       Refraction (determination of need for and prescription for glasses)

·       Examination of the Retina and Optic Nerve


Your child does not need to be able to read letters or identify pictures to have an eye exam. We are able to perform comprehensive examinations on children from birth to 21 years of age regardless of the child’s ability to participate in the exam. For children who are too young to identify letters or pictures, we use objective, age appropriate techniques to determine the level of visual functioning, the need for glasses, and the presence of any ocular pathology.

For most initial eye examinations, eye drops will be used to dilate (temporarily enlarge) your child’s pupils. This ensures a more accurate and complete exam and permits the physician to determine if there is a need for glasses, examine the retina, blood vessels of the eye and the optic nerve. These drops will cause the pupil to appear larger than normal and may cause blurriness and slight sensitivity. Normally, the effects of the drops are gone within several hours.

Because a comprehensive eye examination requires more time than a well child visit, please plan to be at the office for a minimum of two hours for a new patient exam.

Although we strongly recommend that parents accompany their children to all appointments, we understand that there are times when this is not possible.  If your child is accompanied by an adult other than a parent or guardian, please provide us with written permission. For your convenience, you can fill out this permission form and return it to us prior to, or at the time of your child’s appointment.

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